Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Award winning international contemporary artist, Peter Smith, was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

His unique and loveable stripy characters, known as 'Impossimals' have captured collectors' imaginations since his first collection was exhibited in 2005.

After 7 years, Peter Smith's work has become highly collectable across the globe, with a fast growing fan base in the USA, Japan, Spain and Denmark.

Originally the Impossimals were based upon people that Peter knew and their associated stories, with each person being assigned a body shape, stripe colour and layout to signify the individual and their story. Peter Smith's inspirations also come from other artists including surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Will Bullas.

Peter will begin each piece of art by sketching with oil pastel in order to determine the composition. He will begin the background by pushing the paint into the canvas with his fingers and he then works his way through the brushes getting smaller so that he can achieve the detail. He then uses scrunched cling film, sponges and rags in order to add interest. Peter uses linseed oil to achieve the crisp edges and rubs it onto the canvas before wiping it off to help with the movement of the brush across the surface.


You're Screwballed
By Peter Smith

You're Screwballed by Peter Smith - Free UK delivery from Heart Galleries


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