Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington

Born in Rhyl, North Wales in 1974, Kerry Darlington first found inspiration in beautiful old fairytale, picture books and later in Pre-Raphaelite paintings and Art Nouveau.  Intending to become an illustrator originally, Kerry gained her degree in illustration in 1996.

Following university, Kerry Darlington worked for a while in South America and returned to the UK to work as an illustrator, working for some years in pen and ink. Later she used the mediums of watercolours, oils and acrylics. Kerry also worked for an exclusive company, on unique designs for clay artworks sent to the Middle East. The experience she gained on working on these heavy surfaces led her to experiment with different textures, which has led Kerry to evolve her unique style with resin. Formed on board or canvas, Kerry's art is built up with transparent layers to give the illusion of depth. She has taken some of her inspiration from pictures of the earth taken by satellite giving rise to the 'Volcanic' collection. Original landscapes featuring trees have also been a main theme, evolving into the vivid and beautiful 'Tree of Life' collection.


Kerry Darlington's work in recent years has been increasingly sought after.  In May 2012 she was awarded 'Best selling Published Artist' by the Fine Art Guild.  Her work evolves still, Kerry has recently been working on figurative pieces as well as producing exclusive artworks for her clientele.  Kerry's work is instantly recognisable,  bursting with imagination and vibrant colours and all with her unique style and finish.

Becoming Nobody
By Kerry Darlington

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