Dylan Izaak

Dylan Izaak

Born in 1971 in Rugby, Dylan Isaak began his career as a street artist. Isaak's childhood saw him and his family move quite often, from Rigby to Coventry and then to Australia, followed by Stratford upon Avon. Travelling helped broaden Isakks mind and he continued to travel around the world as a street artist. As a self taught artist he would draw iconic buildings and portraits in detailed pen and ink.

After nine years of travelling he moved back to England and opened a gallery of his own, making the unique choice to use a narrow boat as the venue. Not long after the gallery opened, Isaaks decided to start selling his worl through other galleries which successfully gave him greater exposure. By now, the demand for his work had grown rapidly and today his paintings which he creates on brushed aluminium, are sold and collected across the world.

He has also been invited to be one of the Official BT Olympic Artists for 2012.

The View From Here (Limited Edition)
By Dylan Izaak

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