Duncan MacGregor

Duncan MacGregor

What makes Duncan MacGregor such a great artist is his very identifiable style that separates him from other artists. His technique is very sophisticated and singular and provides great depth to his work that is continually evolving - Dmac is extremely innovative in technique and style. The quality of work is proof of his commitment and integrity. He is a true professional.

DMac’s recent original paintings on glass exemplify this and reveal his ability to take a subject and present it in a way that captures the imagination; the images seem to float on the wall and subtly change as the viewer alters their position around the work.

This multi-layering of the obvious and more subtle aspects of his compositions is something DMac enjoys building into his work. He takes traditional subjects, but his execution is highly creative and contemporary and in his skilful hands they become dynamic abstracts rather than straightforward representations. While at a first glance they seem almost minimal, closer examination reveals previously unseen depths, hidden messages and a wealth of pattern and detail that has been ingeniously composed and woven into each vivid narrative. With Dmac, not everything is necessarily as it seems.

Duncan works hard throughout the year from his studio in Norfolk and spends some of the summer months working from Scotland where he concentrates on developing new ideas.

In addition to paintings and sculpture, DMac recently released a magnificent book, which provides an extraordinary insight into his life and work and makes an essential collectors' item. 'Making Waves' is more than just a retrospective. It tells the story of a remarkable man who is as at home in the eye of an Atlantic storm as he is in his studio. A seasoned traveller, an experienced sailor and most of all, a great artist, Duncan has created this book as a way of sharing his amazing life and art with the world.


Dmac's work is highly sought-after by discerning collectors, and his commissions are in great demand. He is always happy to discuss his ideas and requests with collectors at his public appearances in galleries.

Moonlight Mirage I
By Duncan MacGregor

Moonlight Mirage I by Duncan Macgregor - Free UK Delivery from Heart Galleries


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40.00 x 22.00 inches


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